Time has flown hasn’t it? It’s only been a short FOUR MONTHS since my last post, but the last four months has seen us through the selling of a house, a cross-country move, new work for Alex, two baby birthdays, and many glasses of bubbly. And vodka. And wine. And all the carbs.   Indeed, […]


It’s that time, again, isn’t it? THE HOLIDAYS. Shopping for the antithesis of the “Basic” Mama in your life (aka THE BAD MAMA) can be difficult, so here I come to save the day! Check out the following killer gift list for the lady (or dude, whatever floats your boat) in your life! Kick Ass […]

Kocktails with Karly: THE ELLEN

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone but weeks later I am still singing praises of thankfulness for the latest Kocktails with Karly. This year we stayed home for Thanksgiving for various reasons and were without any family visitors. Our dear friends, Chuck and Ellen, were in the same boat and we had the brilliant beyond […]

Kocktails with Karly: THE NASTY WOMAN

My Fellow Americans, HAPPY ELECTION DAY! Or just, Hey – It’s election day. Or possibly the first day of the Last Days. Whatever, just figure out a way to get through the day. Thought I’d share a Kocktails with Karly that’s election themed AND that I ended up not really loving because I haven’t completely […]

The JORD Watch | Sponsored

I am what you would refer to as a Time Freak. And as a Time Freak, as well as a lover of fashion, watches have always been a staple for my sanity and my style. Chunky watches, classic watches, sporty watches, and wood watches. My custom-fitted JORD watch and I have been having quite the little affair […]


HAPPY NOVEMBER! Welcome to MAMA KNOWS BEST | OCTOBER where I share with you my October favorites. I’m partial to November because aside from turkey/cranberries/endless potatoes/pie/delish-excuses-to-be-the-best-fatass-version-of-myself at Thanksgiving, it also happens to be my BIRTHDAY month. Fall is so deliciously notorious for being cuddle weather and so far, this November has held up to it’s reputation. […]


What’s up love bugs! My grandma used to call me “hita” and “mija,” “punkin,” and “little hot dog.” She was, and to this day remains, the coolest person I’ve ever known. She would share her Double Bubble with me as a little girl and taught the monumental lesson of blowing bubbles with said Double Bubble. […]

Kocktails with Karly: Ruby Red Martini 

It’s been TOO long since I’ve done a Kocktails with Karly – but I am back at it, so let’s just jump right in, shall we?   I’ve finally delved into another flavor of Deep Eddy Vodka! Yay! Only fifteen million years behind! I started buying the Deep Eddy Lemon and it was a major […]


What up homeslices and lovebugs alike! If you haven’t seen my latest YouTube video for one reason or another, I wanted to share my September favorites with you here – some people like reading more than watching, so I’ve gotchu, boo. (BUT GO LIKE/SUBSCRIBE!!!!) I’m SOOOOO behind on posting this but nevertheless, had some rad things […]

Kocktails with Karly: The Makeshaft Wine Sprtizer 

TGIF beautiful people! Welcome to Kocktails with Karly!  If there was a Makers Faire for cocktails, I would be the Queen Maker simply because of how bomb this spritzer is. Seriously. I discovered this creation last week while Alex was on travel for work. I had a terrible bottle of merlot that had been cluttering […]