Let Them Eat Macarons!

Macaron: A macaron is a French sweet meringue‑based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring.



Aren’t they beautiful? I am officially obsessed with these divine little pastries. I’ve always seen them on Pinterest or in beautiful magazine spreads, thinking of them as the unicorn of pastries … Maybe real, maybe not. A few days ago I finally had the chance to try the beautiful macaron, and damn it, they were wonderful.

On a whim, my mother-in-law and I dropped into Old Pasadena with my little man and spent a few hours exploring this awesome area. I felt like I was back in San Diego in the Gaslamp District – it felt like home. We had thai for lunch, and with full bellies meandered up the block. We were beyond excited when we discovered ‘Lette, an itty bitty macaron shop set snugly between a coffee shop and a pizzeria (which I fully intend on returning to for pizza and beer). The display of macarons was exquisite and it took all of my restraint not to shriek with excitement and buy them out for the day. Seriously though, I was at the point where I thought macarons were like some mythical creature of the pastry world. What are they? WHERE are they? And why are they not in my belly? Clearly, I don’t get out enough. With what was most likely an embarrassing amount of enthusiasm, we purchased two to go and told the poor girl behind the counter that “WE WILL BE BACK! See you so soon!  OMG I’m SO EXCITED!” or some such nonsense and went on our way. As soon as we left the shop I had an overwhelming feeling of excitement to take pictures of the colortastic assortment we would take home, and that is exactly what I did. They’re nothing special, but as someone who just started with a camera, I’m happy!














Isn’t it funny how we become excited over the tiniest of things? I haven’t been that excited about something in a long time, and it felt so refreshing. I ate the little beauties with coffee and with wine (obviously), and was so pleased that I had discovered something new. I watch my baby discover new things every day and had forgotten the sheer thrill of even the slightest new experience. It gave me a tender, little insight into what he must feel on some level every day. How cool is that? Now, I am on a mission become a badass at making my own macarons… Will keep you posted.

We finished the afternoon with an obligatory trip to Sephora, as if I could let that pass me by, and returned to ‘Lette to grab a dozen macarons. Ohhhhhhh the flavors, they were fabulous. Passion fruit, pumpkin, earl grey, violet, lemon, rose, almond. I felt like freakin’ Marie Antoinette (cue film by Sophia Coppola). It was glorious. We grabbed coffees and drove west until we hit home.

I think the world should be full of more dainty treats and sweet moments. And more pastries to eat with wine. Everyone should feel like Marie Antoinette before everything went to hell, am I right?


Check out ‘Lette online here if you’re curious about their yummies. Look around where you live, and I’m sure you will find a place that makes the deliciousness that is the macaron.



Also, thought I’d share the Sephora purchases. Check out these links for more info on the three products.




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