Lip Service: The Lip Scrub

I’ve been really into making my own little beauty concoctions over the last few years, and my faaaaaavorite thing to make is lip scrub. Obviously, since having a baby the time for playing with new recipes has taken a major back seat, but with some free time yesterday (miracle) I threw together an easy lip scrub that tastes like heaven (because it’s pure sugar, hehe).


My lips suffer year-round. Winter, summer, it really doesn’t matter. They need all the love they can get, and it is truly absurd how much I have invested in balms and chapsticks. Those do well at keeping my lips moisturized but I truly get the best results when I’ve given them a little scrubadub-dub. Exfoliating = bomb dot com.


I’ve used this recipe a few times, but if I’m honest, I’m not entirely happy with the measurements. I want to play with it a little more and adjust a few things, but thought I would show you what I did!


1. Ingredients:



  • 1 tbs coconut oil (solid, not liquid)
  • 1 tbs honey
  • 1 tbs brown sugar


2. Get Busy!

  • Combine coconut oil and honey and whisk until the combo looks like so! The coconut oil should be in solid form, so if your oil is liquid, throw it in the fridge for a bit and let it harden. Olive oil will also work for this, I just prefer coconut.IMG_0675


  • Add brown sugar to honey/coconut oil mixture and thoroughly mix.IMG_0681


  • Put mixture in desired jar/container and voila! You have yourself a crazy easy, crazy moisturizing lip scrub. (This is the scrub with 1 tbs of brown sugar…)IMG_0682


  • And this is is the scrub with 2 tbs of brown sugar…IMG_0689


We’ve been saving the itty bitty baby food jars from our intro to solids for the little guy and they are pretty perfect to store the scrub. Honestly though, anything will do. I made two separate batches because I felt my first batch was too oily. I used 2 tbs of sugar in my second batch but truly wish I had used 3 tbs. I will definitely be reworking this recipe when I’ve run out, but perfect consistency or not…. its fabulous.


(I know they look super oily but I promise, they’re wonderful. WONDERFUL. They taste wonderful, they feel wonderful. You can’t go wrong. It’s not a super original recipe, but hey, what’s the harm in sharing?)


<3 kj

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