My Favorite Oats

Growing up I could never understand my mother’s love for oatmeal. It just seemed so… blah (unless, of course, it was saturated in copious amounts of butter and brown sugar, which even then didn’t seem like quite enough. Honestly, you can never really have too much butter.)

Fast forward a million years and now here stands adult Karly (still weirded out by that), a true lover of oatmeal. This newfound revelation has had me questioning everything I thought I knew to be true and unchanging. Who am I? What am I doing? Is the sky blue? Will I always love the Spice Girls no matter how old I get? I like oatmeal? WTF?

But I do. I love oatmeal. It all started after my first son was born; I began eating oatmeal every single day for breakfast because of its benefits for breastmilk production (which are bomb, by the way) and I’ve been obsessed ever since. And now my kid even loves it, so that’s a big parental win right out of the gate!

So here goes – my favorite and uber simple recipe for fast, healthy, not-totally-sugar-loaded oatmeal.

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*Note: All measurements are up to you! Add as much or as little of all ingredients as you so desire 🙂

  • Oats (I prefer Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats)
  • Half & Half  or milk of your choice (almond milk is amazing in this)
  • Butter (can substitute coconut oil, coconut butter, Earth Balance, etc.)
  • Chia seeds (1-2 tbsp)
  • Honey (1-2 tsp)
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Diced apples
  • Dash of vanilla (1/4 tsp)



  1. Follow instructions for whichever oats you choose
  2. Add dash of vanilla to cooking oats
  3. Once oats are finished, serve and add half & half, cinnamon, chia, honey, apples, and butter
  4. Voila! Eat and be merry!



This can be done entirely vegan, too, if it floats your boat. Honestly, you can’t go wrong no matter what you decide to throw onto your oats. It’s so easy, it’s so delicious –  you’re going to want to eat it every day, too!


– KJ


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