An Honest Account

Well, hello there. Happy… Wednesday? Is it Wednesday? Yes, it must be Wednesday.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up a certain book and tried to start it over and over and over again, but just couldn’t quite get into it. I’ll put it aside after these many attempts for some unknown period of time until I stumble across it later to read once more and aha! Finally! I’m in love, I’m enraptured, I’m so into it! This blog, for me, has been kind of like that book – that book that you’ve attempted so many times but refused to hook you until you were ready.

I first started Behave Naturally three years ago to document my attempt at going vegan/raw when we lived in San Diego. Very little came from it and it wasn’t until I became pregnant that I touched it again, though very briefly. A post or two here/there. Once we moved to LA, I again put my mind to blogging regularly and was slightly successful in that goal, but once more I fizzled and this little escape remained untouched until very recently. Now, practically. 

I never felt comfortable in my own skin when I would try to write. It has always been this constant, exhausting battle about “who am I” and “what’s my voice” and “how do I want to portray myself?” – exhausting

I swear. I swear a LOT. I’ve always wanted to just be myself and let that show through my writing, but that would mean that my writing, my voice, would be vulgar, and probably lacking grace and poise. In a nutshell, I would be completely different than the other bloggers I’m familiar with and maybe even offensive – and I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with that. Not to mention, who cares about what I have to say? 

See what I mean about that book you’re not quite ready for? I wasn’t ready for this blog. I didn’t have my voice, or at least didn’t feel comfortable sharing it. 

But I am now. 

I’m two babies into this stay-at-home-mom/wife/domestic goddess business and after you’ve gone through some wild shit as a parent, there are no more fucks to be given. I don’t feel insecure about my voice, about who I am, about how I write. I’m comfortable with myself – I’m not graceful, I’m not always poised and proper, I’m not the kind of young mom who makes it look like she has her shit together. My house isn’t perfectly decorated, and I am certainly not equipped for perfectly photographed Outfits of the Day. My writings might not always be pretty, in fact they will most definitely be messy… But they will be honest.  

This is my creative outlet, a place where I can still be Karly. Just Karly. And it’s badass. So, welcome to my blog. A blog where you will find four letter words used in times of joy and misery, and most importantly, honesty.

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  1. Write for *yourself*, to document *your* story. If others find value, awesome. If not, whateva. Your writing can only be honest if you write as you are and not for others. That’s when your authentic voice come through. That’s the only rule I follow, in blogging, and in facebooking, which for me is just a former of microblogging. You are pretty awesome chick…I can’t wait to see what follows!

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