Beautiful people! Hello!

The end of 2015 brought me my second little boy, and a new world of awesome/terrifying adulting kinds of things! I hope it brought you something along those lines, too 🙂

Today is all about some of my favorites from this wonderful first month of 2016. It’s totally random, and in no particular order – just things that I feel are particularly uptown that served me well this month!


  • Pandora Indie Dance Radio Station
    I love pandora and am particularly thankful for this station. When I’ve had my fill of Octonauts/Sesame Street/Color Crew/whatever little kid show on repeat, we turn on Pandora and jam. This station plays everything I love, from The Killers to The Postal Service and The Pixies. My boy is totally into these tunes and that pleases me a great deal. This has been on non-stop in my house and I don’t see that ending anytime soon. 


  • Bearpaw Boots
    Even though we live in Austin and the weather doesn’t really warrant the need for sheepskin boots, I personally feel they’re a complete wardrobe staple (hear me out, don’t label me a basic white girl yet – I’m a bad bitch, and don’t forget it). News flash: THEY KEEP YOU SO WARM. Sheepskin boots are the ultimate slipper, and you can actually wear them out of the house when you’re too lazy to throw on real shoes and flip flops aren’t going to cut it. Do they belong with shorts? No, not unless you’re on the beach and just finished surfing. Are they casual/comfy/cute? Sure. Are they great for lazy/exhausted/still-wearing-yesterday’s-clothes-mamas?  YASSSSS. I opted for these Bearpaw sheepskin boots because they were a quarter of the cost of Uggs and are literally just as well made. I haven’t taken them off since they arrived on my doorstep two weeks ago.


  • Nature’s Little Squeeze Reusable Pouches 
    Johncarl LIVES for Plum Organics Pouches, he’s a little addict – and they are an expensive habit. I love them because they’re filled with delicious, healthy goodness, but considering he wants them at least five times a day I had to think of something else to do. Solution? Reusable pouches. I fill them with all kinds of things, but currently Johncarl’s favorite concotion is yogurt, chia seeds, and mashed banana. These particular pouches from WeeSprout are dishwasher friendly and free of all the nasty things you want to avoid, like BPA.


  • Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara
    I really haven’t been wearing makeup because right now, what’s the point? HOWEVER. When I have had to leave the house since Fox was born, I’ve thrown on this mascara and I’m in love. I bought it because I’m all about mascara that keeps my lashes curled and isn’t waterproof, which is hard to find, and I had read wonderful things about it. I’ve used the original Diorshow and honestly didn’t understand what all fuss was about, but this… this, my mascara-wearing-friends, is worth the fuss and worth the price tag.


  • HONEST CO. Diapers
    My little Harrison Fox has had strange little diaper rash, it is SO SAD. I lost my neurotic, paranoid, mommy mind worrying about the gnarly rash, and switched him to diapers from the HONEST CO. They are the titties, you guys. They’re incredibly cute, but the cool designs are just an added bonus to these soft, well-fitting, plant-based material diapers. I love them so much that I signed up for their monthly bundle subscriptions. I was a firm Huggies believer, but I HAVE BEEN BORN AGAIN. I found a discount  code online (GET10) for $10 off your order, if you’re interested in signing up for their subscription. Just sharing the love. (Not affiliated with HONEST CO., I just like saving money, maybe you do, too!) And just an update, his little ass is looking much better!


  • Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer
    Hand sanitizer is pretty self explanatory, right? Yes, but not all are created equal, my friend. This hand sanitizer is alcohol-free, and is truly the most legit hand sanitizer ever made. The mandarin scent is so light, almost undetectable, and I love that one pump of foam is all you need. I bought four of these for my purse and each diaper changing area in the house and I’m never looking back. Suck it, Purell.


  • Aerie Classic Jogger 
    How am I just starting to shop at Aerie? I never want to shop anywhere else. Ever. Again. I bought a pair of classic jogger sweats on clearance right before I gave birth to Fox, and dude, best decision I could have possibly made for postpartum/c-section recovery Karly. These bad boys are the softest pants on the face of the earth and I will be purchasing more. Many, many more.


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