Boozy Pancake Brunch

The Pioneer Woman is my hero. My best friend and I frequently obsess over her ridiculously delicious recipes, her show, her giveaways, her lifestyle, and her all-encapsulating awesomeness. Brunch is also quite high in my list of favorites – who doesn’t love brunch? You can see why I was overjoyed, then, when I was gifted the wonderful excuse to throw a brunch and make her Perfect Pancakes and attempt to be at least half the hostess that she is!

My badass friend Rachel was in town this weekend and wanted to meet my bebes, so as you can imagine, it only made sense to throw a Boozy Pancake Brunch for all my lady friends from DSP at CU that live in this great Texan city. Yay adulting! 

We haven’t hosted anyone at our home since moving in and I’ve honestly been resisting the idea of having anyone over. I have a currently raging toddler and a 9 week old butterball that make it a little challenging to have my shit together, but Alex cleaned the house and cleaned up after me as I went along cooking and flailing about. Because, you see, he’s the man (and lucky me, he’s my man yay!!!)!

Hosting gave me yet another excuse… to hit up HOME GOODS. Dude. Home Goods is everything. I go there to relax when I’m seeking asylum from my children, and on (thankfully) very rare occasions, my husband. I picked out a few napkins and placemats, bought happy sunflowers, and everything instantly brightened up my table. I’m obsessed.


A pancake bar seemed like the loveliest way to serve the deliciously-fluffy-excuse-to-eat-dessert-for-breakfast, and, of course, a pancake bar deserves equally delicious toppings! And, obviously, three types of syrup. I don’t fuck around.

I’ve been thinking of making a full brunch at least once a month, even if it’s just for my little family. The eggs were bomb. The bacon was crisp. The pancakes were unfreakingbelievable. The mimosas… well, mimosas speak for themselves 🙂 So, yes, I’m definitely making brunch once a month. Ok, twice. 

My chicas came over and snugged/chased/played with my boys, poured my mimosas, and spent time with me. I felt so loved. My babies had the best time flirting with all the beautiful ladies, and I was reminded of how needed girl time is. I’ve been out of the loop for what feels like a million years, and we finally live in a city where I have girlfriends – I need to not take that for granted. GIRL POWER! *Cue Spice Up Your Life*

They say that everyone has a special gift or talent that they do best, but I often wonder if I really have one or not. I’ve never felt really exceptional at any one thing, especially one thing I really love. My husband, however, always reminds me that he sees my heart as having a gift for making people feel cared for and comfortable, and after finally hosting people in our new home, I realized how in-my-element it felt. And I can’t wait to do it again! 

Happy brunching! xx

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  1. Nice work Karly. By the way your special talent is your smile. It emits positive energy where ever you go.

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