Kocktails with Karly: The Backyard Punch

My darlings. My loves. My sweet peas. My homies.

I didn’t have my shit together this week and although I DID make a cocktail for Kocktails with Karly, I utterly failed at taking pictures or even drinking the completed libation. I did not like it and forgot halfway into making it that I was supposed to document the entire process. I might look like I totally have it together (sarcasm) but I’m really just bumping my way through adulting.

We hit the Lone Star Grill tonight for dinner – rolled up in true parental style with two babies in hand and a deep thirst for vodka. 


This is the Backyard Punch.


It is as delicious as it is dangerous.


I honeslty can’t tell you the recipe for this drink. I can only tell you what I know: THIS IS THE BOMB DOT COM and involves rum. It reminded me of the giant fishbowl drink that Hoodrat Karly used to have at K’s China in college… except this is acceptable and very non-hoodrat since it’s made in a nice family establishment where I can drink it in front of family.

I left dinner feeling AWESOME. I still feel awesome. And in true motherly form, I had my cocktails early and will be square by bedtime. Because I’m responsible.

I hope you can relate to me and Kocktails with Karly. I’m an adult who does adult-like things, a parent who gladly fulfills her parental duties (and then some), and a wife who is, indeed, madly in love with her brilliant husband. These facts, however, do not excuse the other fact that yes, I used to be a hoodrat in college (the glory days), and yes, I enjoyed it. The Backyard Punch inspired a wave of nostalgia cleverly intertwined with my appreciation for the adulting/momming/wifeing filled days that I currently have the pleasure of living, and that I love even more.


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