April (&March) Favorites 


I have a YouTube channel and if you’re not already, GO SUBSCRIBE HERE!! I started vlogging 10 weeks ago making a weekly vlog of our adventures and it’s given me another outlet to be myself openly and honestly – uncensored KJ. I cannot tell you how much my confidence has sky-rocketed since I began vlogging. If you haven’t checked out our videos, go! Go now!!!


Ello Glass Waterbottle 

I don’t drink enough water, guys. Ever. Sooooooo….. I theorized that maybe I would drink more water with a pretty bottle rather than my jankey, lidless water bottles. I was right. Dishwasher safe, badass lid, and scilicone sleeve = pretty hydration station.


KMASHI External Battery Pack

This. Is. Awesome. Alex ordered this battery for himself but I’ve commandeered it. If you’re a social media whore (yes) or constantly using your phone camera (yes), you feel me when I say the struggle to keep my phone charged is real. This battery has two USB ports so you can throw it in your purse, go on a walk, or chill on the couch and charge your phone without needing an electrical outlet to charge your phone. Badass.


Playroom Decals

We recently turned out formal dining room (useless, amiright?) into a playroom for Johncarl, and along with his fabulous artwork, I put up these fantastic decals! We went with the alphabet, the solar system, and a world map – educational AND cool. Trying to raise a couple of Elon Musk’s up in this bitch.


Waist Trainer

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I wear a waist trainer for at least half the day. Two babies and a csection (and 8in scar) have, shall we say, put my tummy’s glory days far in the past. Some mamas don’t care about this and embrace their new stomachs. I, however, am not those one of those moms… I want to get at least a sliver of my body back and will utilize whatever means necessary to do so. This waist trainer is awesome, and compared to the many others I’ve flown through in the process of trial and error, is the softest and highest quality of my collection. I know it sounds silly but after one full day I saw a difference. Seriously.


Teething Bibs

These teething bibs are so key, guys. Baby Fox isn’t necessarily teething but he is drooling like a mad man and blowing bubbles like it’s nobody’s business! These bibs are black/white/grey (yassss) and the back fabric doesn’t absorb any of the wetness, therefore keeping your little one’s clothes dry!





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