Kocktails with Karly: The Michelada by DON CHELADA

Cool people of the world! Welcome to Kocktails with Karly: The Michelada by DON CHELADA

A few weeks ago a San Antonio company called Don Chelada reached out to me and offered to send me their awesome products to review, and today I will be reviewing their fantastic Michelada mix. Get excited.

Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo and therefore, the Michelada seemed an appropriate choice. Either I or Alex have been sick for the last few weeks and not able to drink, AND I’m not drinking on weekdays (gotta kick the mombod), so I was OVER THE DAMN MOON when I realized that this week I was finally able to try the Michelada mix that was sent to me by Don Chelada!
I spilled the salt. Very KJ like.

I am and always have been a red beer enthusiast. I’ve never used a mix before – I have always been of the opinion that red beer should be made one way, and one way only: light/Mexican beer, Clamato, hot sauce, and copious amounts of salt. I’ve always looked at Michelada mixes at the store with a judgmental sneer, thinking myself above it because I know the real way to make red beer/Micheladas. OH, HOW MISTAKEN YOU WERE, KJ.

Don Chelada’s Michelada Mix was is bonafide winner, my friends. The instructions are to add 3-4oz of the mix to 12oz of Mexican beer (I went with Corona Light) after rimming your glass with salt or Tajin (if you don’t know what Tajin is, you need to figure it out asap). I followed the directions exactly and mixed my Michelada in a tall beer glass that hoodrat Karly obtained in college.

Look at it. It’s tall and proud and delicious.

I LOVE this mix. It’s killer. It’s the tits. It’s a party. The flavor was fabulous, and they perfected the amount of spice. It had a little kick, but nothing overwhelming. If you like things on the mild side, you will find a friend in this mixer. If you like things spicy hot (iyiyi!), you, too, will find yourself returning to this mix because you can add hot sauce to it until it reaches your liking. It’s versitile! This mix can also be used as a Bloody Mary mix – guess what I’m having this weekend when I brunch so hard for Mother’s Day?

I cannot wait to try the other products Don Chelada sent me, and to share my honest opinion with you here on Kocktails with Karly. I’d like to give a special shoutout to Don Chelada for taking an interest in my blog and being so generous to offer me their products to try! I feel so humbled and excited!

And just a disclaimer to end things with: This post was not sponsored by Don Chelada. This is an honest review with my honest opinions.

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