What up homeslices and lovebugs alike!

If you haven’t seen my latest YouTube video for one reason or another, I wanted to share my September favorites with you here – some people like reading more than watching, so I’ve gotchu, boo. (BUT GO LIKE/SUBSCRIBE!!!!)

I’m SOOOOO behind on posting this but nevertheless, had some rad things I wanted to share that maybe you’ll love, too!


BULLET JOURNALING (notebook, pens, ruler)

I’ve always needed structure in my life. Without it, I crumble and procrastinate and drag my ass around wishing I could accomplish my goals and organize my thoughts, but alas, cannot. That being said, it’s obvious that I need a planner! I bought a dotted grid notebook that’s incredibly user-friendly, a ruler, and fine point colored pens to bullet journal! I love bullet journaling because while allowing me to stay organized, I have creative autonomy over the internal structure of my journal AND get to doodle – what could be better?



This palette is the titty tits. I couldn’t bring myself to buy it the first time I saw it but once I was given a giftcard by a dear friend of mine, I walked my ass straight to Sephora to buy it. The colors are amazing, specifically the canary yellow pigmented shade – DECEASED. So beautiful. The palette has a fabulous mix of mattes, shimmers, and monochrome shadows and I haven’t used anything else since I bought it.



I’ve been wanting to get into essential oils for some time now, and while I know joining YoungLiving has a plethora of benefits, I wanted to first start out with a smaller company and a smaller commitment to decide if essential oils are for me. HONEY. HU-NEY. I haven’t stopped using the oils since I got them in the mail. I’m diffusing, I’m using topically, I’m cleaning with them. They make me so happy and I’m incredibly happy with the quality of oils from RMO!



I recently threw out all of my cleaning supplies because we are trying to get a little more crunchy in our household – aka more homeopathic/more natural/LESS toxic. I combined distilled white vinegar, water, and Thieves (RMO’s version is called IMMUNE STRENGTH) in a cheap spray bottle I bought at the store and made the ultimate cleaner. I use it on EVERYTHING, and the aroma of the thieves oil is spicy and amazing. I can’t wait to make even more household cleaners with vinegar (which is literally the everything liquid) and essential oils. If you’d be interested in seeing any videos or learning more cleaner recipes, holler at ya girl and I’ll get them to you right away 🙂


NOW Foods Naturally Lovable Oil

I bought this oil on a whim at the store a few days ago because it is very close dupe to YoungLiving’s JOY oil (which I have been obsessed with for many years). NOW Foods essential oils aren’t my favorite when it comes to potency, but I bought this simply for the scent and I’ve been diffusing it 24/7. BOMB DOT COM, YO.



If you didn’t know, I went to the University of Colorado at Boulder for my undergrad and am a big Buffs fan. I’ve decided to start incorporating more buffalos/CU gear/Colorado gear into our lives because although we don’t live there anymore, it’s still my favorite place in the world and it’s time I show some pride! I picked up this badass little buffalo ornament on Pearl Street Mall in Boulder at the sweetest shop called the Peppercorn.  SKO BUFFS!


What were your monthly favorites? Happy fall, darlings!!!




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