HAPPY NOVEMBER! Welcome to MAMA KNOWS BEST | OCTOBER where I share with you my October favorites. I’m partial to November because aside from turkey/cranberries/endless potatoes/pie/delish-excuses-to-be-the-best-fatass-version-of-myself at Thanksgiving, it also happens to be my BIRTHDAY month. Fall is so deliciously notorious for being cuddle weather and so far, this November has held up to it’s reputation.

I was very into a few gems during the month of OCTOBER and wanted to share them with you! So let’s dive right into MAMA KNOWS BEST | OCTOBER 2016!


JORD Watch


JORD Watches reached out to me and sent me a watch to review here on my blog (if you haven’t checked that out, GO! GO NOW!) and there’s no doubt that it has become a fast favorite of mine. I was so happy to do the review, but even if I’d purchased the watch myself I would feel as I do now about it – it’s a great watch. It’s easy to wear, it’s beautiful, it’s versatile. It’s the tits. I love wearing it because it’s a great statement piece that you’re not constantly aware of, like a giant chunky watch or massively long earrings; it’s comfortable and effortless. LOVE. If you’ve missed the review, there’s also a GIVEAWAY that JORD watches is letting me host, check it out! Someone’s getting free money and it might as well be you 🙂


100% Pure Argan Face Moisturizer

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We’re pretty big on Argan oil in this house. Alex loves it for his skin and it’s saved me a time or two, also. We’ve been using Josie Maran’s daily argan moisturizer for years but have recently switched to the brand 100% PURE and are now using their daily moisturizer and it’s just wonderful. It has SPF so that is covered (very important) AND it’s completely non-toxic. We’ve loved Josie Maran’s version of this for a very long time but after running it by the Think Dirty app I wasn’t happy with the ingredients. The 100% PURE lotion has a thicker consistency when applied but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and absorbs fast as GREASE LIGHTNING, bitch (and I mean bitch in the friendliest of ways).

RMO Purify Blend Essential Oil

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As I mentioned last month, I have become obsessed with essential oils (but who hasn’t at this point, right?). I’ve been using Purify on almost everything (again, big shock), but my particularly favorite use for it is DINGY LAUNDRY. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m not too full of myself to admit that yeah, sometimes I forget a load of laundry in the washing machine. You know what I’m talking about… then when I remember and open the washing machine door, BOOM. Hit with a wave of disgusting dingy laundry stench. Disgusting. SO. When that happens, I have been running the load again but adding a few drops of Purify to my detergent. Holy shiz, dudes. It takes away the nasty smell completely – and what I love is that it PURIFIES AND ELIMINATES the smell, it doesn’t just try to mask it (I’m looking at you, “fragrance” ingredient in everything I own).


Urpower Ultrasonic 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

I shared my new essential oils in my last MAMA KNOWS BEST and am psyched to share with you my new diffuser! This little humidifier/diffuser is fabulous. It lights up and changes colors, it’s easy to fill and clean, and it gets the job done. Even though it’s small, it makes a noticeable difference in my large kitchen/dining/living room area and I haven’t stopped using it since I got it! My favorite combo at the moment is lavender and peppermint (KICKS MAJOR ALLERGY ASS). LOVE IT.


Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap 

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Castile soap is everything you need. Dish soap, cleaning soap, shampoo, hand soap, body wash, you name it. Castile soap is made of several different oils, and this one also includes lemon and orange essential oils which make it smell like a slice of citrus heaven. I have recently replaced all our hand soap and dish soap with Castile soap and honey, I’m never looking back. I love it’s diversity and even more, I love that we can use this soap knowing that it’s kind to our bodies and is nontoxic. BOOM.



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Who doesn’t love coconut oil? Just like Castile soap, coconut oil is absurdly dynamic and has a variety of uses. From cooking to lotion, coconut oil rules supreme in this house. When we were in Colorado, our skin was DYING from the arid climate, so while at the store I grabbed some coconut oil and took it straight to the source – THE SHOWER. We now use coconut oil in the shower as lotion to keep our skin hydrated and I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. We’ve kept up the trend even in humid Austin and I love it. It’s wonderful to shave with and now we’re not only soft, but we smell like a MF tropical wonderland.


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