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I am what you would refer to as a Time Freak. And as a Time Freak, as well as a lover of fashion, watches have always been a staple for my sanity and my style. Chunky watches, classic watches, sporty watches, and wood watches.


My custom-fitted JORD watch and I have been having quite the little affair – we are INSEPARABLE. The beauty of a JORD watch is that it can be paired with any look, and it’s ridiculously comfortable. I wear this when I’m trying to look chic and fabulous and actually put on real pants, AND I wear it when I choose to sport my classic hot mess/yoga pants/sneakers look. The unique watch is lightweight and sleek, and as a mama of two little ones that are always in my arms or tugging on my hands, it’s a very easy watch to wear without concern. The watch is luxurious while still being incredibly universal, which can be difficult to find. Although the watch might not be practical for doing dishes (which I am endlessly doing) because it is wooden and therefore not waterproof, I have been loving it.



My JORD is Dark Sandalwood and Mint, but there are so many men’s watches and women’s watches to choose from. I’m obsessed with the mint face on this JORD and have a sneaking suspicion that a certain man in my life *coughALEXcough* might be getting a cool wooden watch of his own for Christmas (don’t tell him, I’ll know know it was you).


And just because JORD seems to think you are so fabulous, they’re letting me host a giveaway for you! ENTER HERE!  Everyone who enters will be given a $25 instant gift card to their website! Who likes free money and gorgeous/luxurious/unique watches? You do. That’s right. So go! Do it now! Yassss! And CHRISTMAS is almost here – ahh, what a time to be alive. The giveaway ends 12/11, but the gift cards don’t expire until 2/28/2017 (awesome) so head over and get your gift card – because why not? Cheers!

This post was sponsored by JORD watches. 

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