Kocktails with Karly: THE ELLEN

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone but weeks later I am still singing praises of thankfulness for the latest Kocktails with Karly.

This year we stayed home for Thanksgiving for various reasons and were without any family visitors. Our dear friends, Chuck and Ellen, were in the same boat and we had the brilliant beyond brilliant idea to join forces for the holiday. These people are so wonderful, guys. When we were UBER pregnant with Harrison Fox, they brought us perhaps the best lasagna I’ve ever had and it sustained us during that ridiculously hard immediate postpartum insanity. They’ve coordinated with my husband to get me roses when all florists were unavailable, and they even helped throw us a sweet baby shower before we popped.

And this Thanksgiving, they not only saved my ass with turkey and pie (I threw out my turkey and pie – don’t ask), they brought me a sassy cocktail and are even allowing me to name it. Basically, my friends are better than your friends.

I bring you The Ellen.


  • Cinnamon tequila (I’m using Hot Cat)
  • Republic Jalapeño Lime mixer (or any jalapeno lime mixer)


  • Add ingredients to shaker with ice
  • Shake your ass off
  • Pour straight or over ice

Well, at least a third of my bottle of Hot Cat tequila is already gone. I haven’t been able to put this drink down. It’s so season appropriate and goes down WONDERFULLY easy. Almost too easily, but I don’t hate it.


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