It’s that time, again, isn’t it? THE HOLIDAYS.

Shopping for the antithesis of the “Basic” Mama in your life (aka THE BAD MAMA) can be difficult, so here I come to save the day! Check out the following killer gift list for the lady (or dude, whatever floats your boat) in your life!

Kick Ass Diaper/Weekender Bag

I just got this bag myself to us as a diaper bag and OH girl. It’s the coolest thing on the planet. And totally cost effective. I wish I’d purchased this with my first baby instead of wasting a stupid amount of money on some designer diaper bag that broke and was completely impractical. This bag is machine washable, too, which makes it even MORE fantastic. It’s huge and rugged and practical and will be totally useful when I’m passed the diaper bag phase of my life. Love.



100% Pure Sheet Masks: Green Tea Water Bomb and Ginseng Collagen Boost

Sheet masks are kind of the coolest skin care invention of all time. Sure, they make you look like an ogre while you’re wearing them, but they also make you glow when they come off. These by 100% Pure happen to be my favorite.

Singles Essentials by Rocky Mountain Oils

All about essential oils over here. If your Bad Mama (or Dude) is just starting with essential oils this is a wonderful kit to start with. And if they’re an essential oil pro, you can never have too many of these specific oils!

100% Pure Organic High Potency Repair Night Cream

This night cream is ridiculous. If you’re looking to give something a little higher on the price scale but that really packs a luxurious-while-super-practical punch, this is a real winner. And it’s truly 100% Pure and void of any and all garbage that doesn’t belong on your skin 🙂

Bearpaw Snow Boots

This is the only basic item on this list, but hear me out! These boots are a fabulous dupe to the always expensive UGG boots at a fraction of the cost, while providing just as much comfort and utility.

Fabulous Stemless Wine Glasses

I just like wine and cocktails in general, and these are really quite pretty. Therefore, they were a no-brainer.

Faux Fur Sherpa Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are awesome. Especially when they make you feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury, just like this throw RIGHT HERE.

100% Pure Organic Coconut Hand Cream

Anything coconut is a winner in my book, and I feel the same way about hand cream. Winter weather doesn’t stand a chance against the moisture your Bad Mama will get from this kickass hand cream.


Gold Hot and Cold Tumbler

Coffee (or shakes if you’re super healthy… or wine) is a necessity on the go  and every Bad Mama needs a good tumbler. This one works for hot and cold beverages! Fine holiday fun!

Spicy Maya Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is next level and worth every penny that you will spend on it. Hands down the greatest of all spicy hot chocolates. Your Bad Mama will thank you.

100% Pure Maracuja Mascara: Black Tea

This mascara has changed my makeup game and I’m never turning back. It’s completely natural/organic/cruelty free and is the perfect formula – not too wet or dry. It holds curl and smells like blueberries. WIN.



Enstrom Toffee

This is the greatest of all toffee. Don’t look anywhere else. Every Bad Mama likes chocolate and toffee. Get this.

Super Cool Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers save the day in my house. This one is especially groovy.

Girl Power Socks

Self explanatory.

Eat Your Veggies, Bitch Tee 

This shirt is an especially wonderful gift for the Bad Mama in your life with toddlers. I love shirts that say exactly what I’m thinking.

24K Gold Champagne Flavored Lollipops

Every Bad Mama needs a little luxury in her life. What says luxury more than champagne lollipops with edible gold flakes? Practical? No. But does anyone give AF? No. Bring these on!

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Any Bad Mama knows that she deserves a craft cocktail when flying. This kit is not only practical, but terribly chic and travel-friendly.



The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book

If your Bad Mama is a cocktail drinker, throw her this bone! This is a classic bar book with everything you need to throw a chic cocktail party for many, or a hot-mess-mom-party for one!

waldorf astoria

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  1. On several occasions this made me laugh and lust. I want that t-shirt! And all of the other things!

    1. Dude right? I just listed everything I want hahahahahaha

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