Time has flown hasn’t it? It’s only been a short FOUR MONTHS since my last post, but the last four months has seen us through the selling of a house, a cross-country move, new work for Alex, two baby birthdays, and many glasses of bubbly. And vodka. And wine. And all the carbs.


Indeed, it’s been a wild time. Now that we’re settled in our new place, I’ve been able to begin playing and experimenting again with kickass stuff to hack mom/wife/baller life and have a few little gems to share with you. BUCKLE UP.


Stainless Steel Cups

I used to use regular plastic sippy cups for my boys but in general, plastic is gnarly and I’m not a fan. These stainless steel cups are perfectly sized for little hands and they can even double as wine glasses for me until I buy stainless steel wine glasses. YAS.



Silicone Lid and Straw Set

I needed a leak-proof solution to the new sippy cup situation and these fit the bill. The silicone lids are universal in size and the grip is tight enough that my little guys can’t take it off (yet).



Travel Eyelash Curler

I’ve always had issue with eyelash curlers FAILING ME. When traveling a few months ago I grabbed this little guy at Sephora in while in a pinch and honestly, I’ll never go back to a regular eyelash curler ever again. Holds curl, not scary to use, easy to pack. I love it.

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

This book has been huge for me. If you’ve never read Crazy Love then hop to it! Listening to this book I’ve felt so joyful thinking about the crazy love that the God of the universe has for me, while at the same time feeling so convicted about my faith and my place as a daughter of the Most High. It’s so thought-provoking, and I couldn’t recommend it more. I’ve been listening to the book on Audibles because when I read books I get SO sleepy (not to mention tiny hands grabbing for every book in sight, hehe), which has been so convenient and helpful. If you don’t have an Audibles account, you can sign up here. If you want a hard copy, you can find it here 🙂




M A C ‘False Lashes’ Waterproof Mascara

Eyelashes are obviously an issue for me but I think I’ve finally found my holy grail. This. Ish. Right. Here. The formula is just right and it holds curl like a mother. Thanks, M A C.




Another treasure I found while traveling. I was so confused about why a set of 3 hairties would be $9.00 but I have SEEN THE LIGHT. Each box comes wih three Invisibobbles and I’ve been using ONE of the three for the last 3 months at the very least. I know they look like they’d tear your hair up but dude, you need to give these a whirl.

RTIC Tumbler 

My girlfriend got me an RTIC tumbler for Christmas with my name on it and I haven’t put it down since. I need to drink more water (who doesn’t?) and this is a great tumbler that’s easy to take with me on the go and it looks pretty badass, too 🙂




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