DONE HAVING BABIES (and why that doesn’t make me an asshole)

When I was pregnant with Harrison Fox I was always asked if I would try for a girl after I had the baby.  I hadn’t even pushed the second one out yet and people were already trying to rent out my uterus again. The question was always asked innocently but even so, each time it […]

Mama’s Humbled Heart 

The blessings that God has given me blows my freaking mind sometimes. I’ve never been a kid person. I was never a good babysitter and I certainly never wanted to hang out around little ones if I could help it. Even babies, though I’ve always found them sweet and precious (and if you know me, you […]


It’s one of those days. 12:00 and a beer has been cracked open. Would’ve opened it at 10:00 but my house cleaner is here. One of those days. My eldest woke at 3:00am and was so inconsolable that I grabbed Fox, fumbled my sore ass out of bed, and sauntered into the living room to put […]

You’re a Crazy B*tch, Hormones

There are a great many things I miss about life before parenthood. Lately, I’ve been thinking about, several times a day, how much I miss hot coffee. Mind you, I’m surviving off coffee – it’s the only thing that’s keeping this train running – but I cannot, for the life of me, remember the last […]

The Birth of Harrison Fox

Harrison Fox Huthmacher was born on 12/24/15 at 9:48am, though his delivery started twelve hours earlier. We chose induction a few days before his due date for several reasons that aren’t really important right now, and arrived at the hospital the night before my induction was scheduled. At 12:00am my nurse, an absolute GEM named […]

I Just Put Jesus Christ Superstar On for My Toddler

I just put Jesus Christ Superstar on for my 21 month old. I’m three weeks postpartum and recovering from an emergency c-section and needless to say, it’s been a challenge keeping up with my 21 month old son. This magnificent specimen of toddler is, to say the least, an incredibly spirited child. On one hand, […]

Pregnancy: Things I Will Do Differently Next Time Around

I cursed a lot in this post, so if you’re easily offended by those pesky four letter words, this might  not be for you. If you care not, read on my friend!   You’ve seen those women who pop out a baby after nine months and look exactly as they did before pregnancy almost immediately. […]

Tiny Toes

There’s nothing like a vivacious 6 month old baby to really make you rethink your priorities. I remember when I would NEVER go a day without plucking my eyebrows, devoting significant time on my hair, and doing full face makeup… oh how the mighty have fallen. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t completely abandoned these luxuries, […]

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

When I think about my life over the last 3 years, the only thing I can hear is David Bowie in my head sing Changes. Ch ch ch ch changes, people! Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you, doesn’t it? How does that saying go… if you want to make God laugh, […]