What’s up love bugs! My grandma used to call me “hita” and “mija,” “punkin,” and “little hot dog.” She was, and to this day remains, the coolest person I’ve ever known. She would share her Double Bubble with me as a little girl and taught the monumental lesson of blowing bubbles with said Double Bubble. […]

My Favorite Oats

Growing up I could never understand my mother’s love for oatmeal. It just seemed so… blah (unless, of course, it was saturated in copious amounts of butter and brown sugar, which even then didn’t seem like quite enough. Honestly, you can never really have too much butter.) Fast forward a million years and now here […]

The Best Damn (Grain Free) Pancakes

Good morning, fabulous people. Or afternoon, or evening, or whatever it happens to be as you read this. It’s morning for me, and I’m drinking coffee while the King of the Babies nibbles on his robot as he lounges next to me. Alex makes coffee for us every morning when he gets up for work, and I […]

Let Them Eat Macarons!

Macaron: A macaron is a French sweet meringue‑based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring.   Aren’t they beautiful? I am officially obsessed with these divine little pastries. I’ve always seen them on Pinterest or in beautiful magazine spreads, thinking of them as the unicorn […]

Homemade Almond Milk

Dariy. Oh, how we love it.  The thought of using anything other than a TON of half and half in my coffee used to make me tear up.  But after some serious research, I realized that almond milk is most definitely the way to go!  Some benefits of almond milk include high protein content, low […]