It’s that time, again, isn’t it? THE HOLIDAYS. Shopping for the antithesis of the “Basic” Mama in your life (aka THE BAD MAMA) can be difficult, so here I come to save the day! Check out the following killer gift list for the lady (or dude, whatever floats your boat) in your life! Kick Ass […]

The JORD Watch | Sponsored

I am what you would refer to as a Time Freak. And as a Time Freak, as well as a lover of fashion, watches have always been a staple for my sanity and my style. Chunky watches, classic watches, sporty watches, and wood watches. My custom-fitted JORD watch and I have been having quite the little affair […]

DONE HAVING BABIES (and why that doesn’t make me an asshole)

When I was pregnant with Harrison Fox I was always asked if I would try for a girl after I had the baby.  I hadn’t even pushed the second one out yet and people were already trying to rent out my uterus again. The question was always asked innocently but even so, each time it […]

Boozy Pancake Brunch

The Pioneer Woman is my hero. My best friend and I frequently obsess over her ridiculously delicious recipes, her show, her giveaways, her lifestyle, and her all-encapsulating awesomeness. Brunch is also quite high in my list of favorites – who doesn’t love brunch? You can see why I was overjoyed, then, when I was gifted […]

IDFWU Complacency

“We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.” -Thomas Edison Lately I’ve been finding myself sitting on my ass (which until this week I’ve actually had to do more often than not in the last 8 weeks) wondering this simple question: Am I […]


It’s one of those days. 12:00 and a beer has been cracked open. Would’ve opened it at 10:00 but my house cleaner is here. One of those days. My eldest woke at 3:00am and was so inconsolable that I grabbed Fox, fumbled my sore ass out of bed, and sauntered into the living room to put […]


You don’t need missionaries in Colorado; you got Colorado. – Trey Parker Colorado is the best place to live. THE BEST. Guess who else agrees with me? U.S. News and World Report.  Ausitn was a close second, which I’m also very proud of, but…. sorry, Austin. Denver is better. I’ve been feeling homesick lately, it’s […]

You’re a Crazy B*tch, Hormones

There are a great many things I miss about life before parenthood. Lately, I’ve been thinking about, several times a day, how much I miss hot coffee. Mind you, I’m surviving off coffee – it’s the only thing that’s keeping this train running – but I cannot, for the life of me, remember the last […]

The Birth of Harrison Fox

Harrison Fox Huthmacher was born on 12/24/15 at 9:48am, though his delivery started twelve hours earlier. We chose induction a few days before his due date for several reasons that aren’t really important right now, and arrived at the hospital the night before my induction was scheduled. At 12:00am my nurse, an absolute GEM named […]

An Honest Account

Well, hello there. Happy… Wednesday? Is it Wednesday? Yes, it must be Wednesday. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up a certain book and tried to start it over and over and over again, but just couldn’t quite get into it. I’ll put it aside after these many attempts for some unknown […]