It’s that time, again, isn’t it? THE HOLIDAYS. Shopping for the antithesis of the “Basic” Mama in your life (aka THE BAD MAMA) can be difficult, so here I come to save the day! Check out the following killer gift list for the lady (or dude, whatever floats your boat) in your life! Kick Ass […]

Kocktails with Karly: THE NASTY WOMAN

My Fellow Americans, HAPPY ELECTION DAY! Or just, Hey – It’s election day. Or possibly the first day of the Last Days. Whatever, just figure out a way to get through the day. Thought I’d share a Kocktails with Karly that’s election themed AND that I ended up not really loving because I haven’t completely […]

Kocktails with Karly: The Makeshaft Wine Sprtizer 

TGIF beautiful people! Welcome to Kocktails with Karly!  If there was a Makers Faire for cocktails, I would be the Queen Maker simply because of how bomb this spritzer is. Seriously. I discovered this creation last week while Alex was on travel for work. I had a terrible bottle of merlot that had been cluttering […]

Kocktails with Karly: The Michelada by DON CHELADA

Cool people of the world! Welcome to Kocktails with Karly: The Michelada by DON CHELADA A few weeks ago a San Antonio company called Don Chelada reached out to me and offered to send me their awesome products to review, and today I will be reviewing their fantastic Michelada mix. Get excited. Yesterday was Cinco De […]

Kocktails with Karly: The Paloma

Happy FRIYAAAAAAY!  I’m so happy, guys. Why, you may ask?  Because after FIVE (practically six) days alone with my two little homies, ALEX COMES HOME FROM HIS BUSINESS TRIP. The heavens have opened and God is smiling upon me – I made it through the week. I am a badass. But badassery aside, I cannot […]

Kocktails with Karly: The Mojito

We are in the shit, my friends. The shit of parenting a toddler that is entrenched in terrible two madness. Literal madness. You know how the Cheshire Cat says, “We’re all mad, here”? Well, that’s the fun kind of madness. This is the requires-alcohol-to-maintain-sanity kind of madness. So, hey! Let’s drink. This week I have […]

Kocktails with Karly: The White Russian

“Careful, man there’s a beverage here!” – The Dude If you know me well, then it should be no surprise to you that along with Ron Swanson and Wednesday Adams, The Dude from The Big Lebowski is one of my spirit animals. The j-smoking, accent-rug-loving, competitive-bowling, White-Russian-yielding Dude is unapologetically himself, and quite frankly, the […]

Kocktails with Karly: The Rob Roy (And A Nameless Special Guest Cocktail)

The Rob Roy was born at the Waldorf in NYC in the 1890s, and what a spectacular American introduction of scotch it was (Prime Magazine). Alex and I lived in Point Loma in San Diego when we were first married and were so lucky to live in the same city as Alex’s closest friend, Ryan. […]

Kocktails with Karly: The Moscow Mule

I honestly can’t recall the first time I tasted a Moscow Mule but God bless that fine day! It’s a go-to for me anytime I’m out somewhere that looks like it’s uptown enough to carry ginger beer – and why shouldn’t it be? Mules are bubbly goodness in a glass (or mug), and the fresh […]