Time has flown hasn’t it? It’s only been a short FOUR MONTHS since my last post, but the last four months has seen us through the selling of a house, a cross-country move, new work for Alex, two baby birthdays, and many glasses of bubbly. And vodka. And wine. And all the carbs.   Indeed, […]

Kocktails with Karly: The Long Island Iced Tea 

“Mommy doesn’t get drunk she just has fun.” – Linda Belcher Wise, wise words my friend.  I just finished my Long Island iced tea, and thought “Ya, now is definitely the time to start writing.” Obviously. I keep hinting to Alex that we should now order pizza. He keeps saying no. Pray for me.🙏🏻 Long […]

Kocktails with Karly: The Margarita

Happy Friday! Welcome to Kocktails with Karly: The Margarita. In case you’ve been living under a rock, let me catch you up to speed: Monday was National Margarita Day. Iyyyyy papi. After living in San Diego for two years, I’ve had my fair share of margaritas. Every possible Tuesday we would cruise across the I-8 […]

The Birth of Harrison Fox

Harrison Fox Huthmacher was born on 12/24/15 at 9:48am, though his delivery started twelve hours earlier. We chose induction a few days before his due date for several reasons that aren’t really important right now, and arrived at the hospital the night before my induction was scheduled. At 12:00am my nurse, an absolute GEM named […]