What’s up love bugs! My grandma used to call me “hita” and “mija,” “punkin,” and “little hot dog.” She was, and to this day remains, the coolest person I’ve ever known. She would share her Double Bubble with me as a little girl and taught the monumental lesson of blowing bubbles with said Double Bubble. […]

Kocktails with Karly: Gin Gimlet

Welcome to Kocktails with Karly! We were recently given a bottle of Hendricks Gin and I was so excited that we had added a new alcohol to our dwindling and sad little bar collection that I was inspired with the brilliant idea to start this series. For each of these posts I will pick a new […]

The Best Damn (Grain Free) Pancakes

Good morning, fabulous people. Or afternoon, or evening, or whatever it happens to be as you read this. It’s morning for me, and I’m drinking coffee while the King of the Babies nibbles on his robot as he lounges next to me. Alex makes coffee for us every morning when he gets up for work, and I […]